The Importance of Mobile Responsiveness

When it comes to today’s digital age there’s one major aspect of website building/design that we see too many companies ignore, and that’s the mobile version of the website, otherwise known as mobile responsiveness. When we take on new clients or scout our competitors, we often notice a significant lack of upkeep to mobile responsiveness (despite the fact that the majority of website visits nowadays happen on mobile devices).

Mobile devices come in many different sizes, so there is no “one size fits all” solution for mobile responsive websites, which means that keeping a website’s display the way it should look across devices is no easy task. With different devices having their own screen size dimensions, they all need responsive software to be compatible with the variety of models out there today. A website’s ability to adapt to any device it’s displayed on is what “mobile responsiveness” specifically refers to.

With The Computer Guild’s favorite page building software, (Beaver Builder), we’re able to ensure that every page of a website that we build is designed for any device whether the visitor is on a desktop, tablet, or any number of mobile devices. Beaver Builder allows us to easily switch between all of these device views and edit them individually. This is greatly beneficial, as you can design custom layouts that display best on any size device.

Mobile responsive websites ensure that all websites we design are optimized for mobile viewing. Is the font size readable on a phone? Does the menu collapse to avoid taking up too much space? Are users’ eyes being drawn to where they should be? All these questions and more go into every aspect of a web design project when building a premium website here at the Computer Guild. Don’t let your business succumb to lazy website design that ignores one of the most important website design aspects there is today.

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