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Online Presence

Your business already has a physical presence, an address for a physical location your customers or clients can visit. You can be found in a phone book. Having an online presence means being found when someone searches online for you and is the next step to growing your business.

We put you out there in front of your competition with local search tools and more!

Geo-locations is an online-based mapping system that tells you where your business is physically located.
It also includes such things as Google My Business, sites that allow visitors
to post a review of your business, and any online mapping system.

The name says it all. Customers post on review sites, tell others about their experience with you or your business,
and leave a star rating. The star rating will show up when people search for your business online.

We control your social media pages, and ensure the information provided is accurate.
Why? Because sometimes a business page has been created by a social media company
to give you a presence on their website, but the information may not be correct.
We take care of that so you don’t have to.

Does your business have a strong web presence?
Is the information online about your business correct?
Take a look with our free Search Tool!